Fine art commissions

Unlike a photograph a commissioned fine art portrait is a great keepsake that lasts a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. It also makes for a unique personal gift that is a wonderful addition to any home.

What clients say:

My partner is still so happy with your painting. His first thought was that it was Photoshop. Best birthday gift ever.

D. Linger

I’m very happy with my portrait. You’ve drawn it very well. The likeness is very good, very beautiful. Thank you.

I. Monkau

One person portrait

S (18x24cm / 7×9.5”)€302/ $344€176 / $200
M (24x30cm / 9.5×12″)€324 / $369€227 / $258
L (30x40cm / 12×15.5”)€420 / $478€294 / $335
XL (50x70cm / 20×27.5”)€719/ $818€504 / $574

9% VAT included on all prices

Two person portrait

S (18x24cm / 7×9.5”)€408 / $464€238 / $271
M (24x30cm / 9.5×12″)€437 / $498€306 / $348
L (30x40cm / 12×15.5”)€567 / $646€397 / $452
XL (50x70cm / 20×27.5”)€971 / $1106€680 / $774

9% VAT included on all prices

Listed above are the base prices for a portrait (head + shoulders) on paper, with a simple/neutral background. Frame and shipping aren’t included. A complex setting/background may add 25% or more depending on complexity and size. Contact me to discuss your wishes and I’ll be able to give you an exact quote.

The portrait will be created from a (digital) photograph provided by you. The quality, lighting and composition of the reference photos has a direct relation to the quality of the finished portrait, so to ensure a good result, please make sure your image is of high quality.
Your commission can be completed within a two to four week period, depending on the size and time available.
When the commission is placed I require a deposit of 30% of the quoted fee before starting the painting. This deposit is only refundable when I should be in the rare position to have to cancel the contract myself. The balance becomes due when the portrait is finished and meets your approval. Once the payment is fulfilled, the portrait will be shipped out. I accept payments through Ideal, bank transfer (EU only) or Paypal.
World wide shipping is available. All portraits are safely packaged to prevent bending or smudging and all portraits are shipped with insurance. Shipping within the Netherlands is €7,60. The costs of international shipping may vary depending on the destination and size. Contact me for a quote.

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