Brenda Brudet in her studio

Hello, there!

I’m Brenda, a fine artist creating mostly pastel and oil paintings from my cosy home studio based in The Netherlands.
Since early childhood I’ve felt an urge to create, but I was taught to believe the starving artist myth. That’s why I never considered it to be a realistic option for me to become an artist, and I pursued a career as a web designer instead.

In 2018, after stumbling upon a tutorial on painting with Panpastels, I was triggered to try my hand at soft pastels. I got myself a few pans and pastel pencils and fell in love with art all over again. This marked the beginning of a wonderful art journey. I’ve since explored many different mediums, but consider soft pastels and oils to be my favorites to work with. Every pencil mark and brushstroke brings me joy and calm as the process allows me to soak in the beauty I see in people, nature and all the things.

Through my art I hope to bring soul nurturing feelings and beauty to your life and space.

Some facts about me

I start my day with

Cranberry green tea

Favorite studio outfit

Leggings and a sweater

Favorite holiday destination

Algarve, Portugal

My personality type

‘The adventurer’, ISFP-A

Brenda Brudet painting

Favorite pigment

Permanent madder deep (PR264)

My heritage

I’m from Surinamese decent

Favorite animal

My little studio buddy, Lua, the Russian Toy Terrier

Favorite flower


Brenda Brudet

My inspiration

I’m very much fascinated by women’s faces: The complexity and beauty of each facial feature and it’s ability to express an array of different emotions that give us a glimpse of a person’s inner world and personality. Through painting faces I feel even more connected to other women, and to my authentic self.

My art is an open invitation to you to see the beauty within yourself and others.

Nature is also a source of inspiration to me. You’ll often find my muses in my paintings accompanied by flowers, or animals. And the colors and textures found in nature are the basis of recent explorations into more abstract work. By adding abstraction I create more room for your own interpretations and story.

Thank you for following along with me on this amazing journey!

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Love, Brenda